What is a Micro Pantry?

A Micro Pantry is a small pantry that is placed at different locations where people can take what they need and leave what they can.

It is an opportunity for the community to be involved with one another without any questions asked.

Who is the Guardian Group?

The mission of the guardian group is to be able to provide the needs of the community by being directly involved with creative projects that contribute to the growth and wellness of the people they serve.

 Micro Pantries, Micro Libraries, and Micro Pet Pantries are a few quality examples of how The Guardian Group is successfully expanding their outreach.

What Do We Do?

In short, “see a need, meet a need”.

We strive to implement every effort we can to eliminate any problem in our neighborhoods right at the source.

Through networking and original concepts we continue to serve the people in any way that we can.